The cards create a system in the company that allows you to measure working time and its use, support safety, evaluate processes and strengthen employee motivation. The aim of such activities is to optimize business processes and achieve savings..
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Explore how the TIMATE card can reduce costs and improve performance in your company in six areas

The TIMATE system is a tool for comprehensive management of people and processes in a company. It is easy, automatic and self-operating. It uses a modern card that is the employee’s electronic ID, while at the same time it measures the working time and assesses its use in business processes. Of course, principles of privacy and legal regulations concerning data collection are all observed. The card does not gather any biometric or sensitive data. It is enough to have it on you, the rest is automatic.

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Working time

Reduce wasting time in your company.

Use of the working time in processes

Identify downtime, find its causes and eliminate it by improving the flow of processes.

Safety support

Ensure employee safety without excessive OHS costs.

Task performance

Assign tasks! Make sure employees get clear and precise information about what they should do, where and when.

Achievement of results

Keep your employees posted about their results! Make the work results motivate your employees.

Team management

Support managers, masters and foremen in routine tasks of team management.


How does the TIMATE card work?

The card screen displays all the information that the employee needs: ID, working time, schedule, tasks and messages.

All your employees should have such cards and carry them just as ordinary IDs.

In result, you will reach a new level of personnel management that can optimize business processes and boost your competitive edge.

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Hand out the cards to your employees

The card measures the working time supports safety, task completion and achieving results.

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Assess various work aspects

The system uses the card data to automatically analyse and assess work in several areas.

More about data analysis
More about work assessment
Boost motivation

Use the TIMATE data to calculate the bonus. Increase motivation by improving the work organization and safety.

More about motivation
A smart electronic IoT IoB identifier

The TIMATE card has the ePaper screen

Interactive, compact and durable

Different versions: a 2.7” screen, a 1.4” screen or no screen.

An RGB LED and a buzzer.

Two buttons.

An optional silicon case.


A state-of-the-art solution based on
Internet of Things (IoT) and
Internet of Behaviours (IoB).

Wireless connectivity 2.4GHz 802.15.4.

A motion, temperature and light sensor.

Indoor location.

Top-level energy saving

Up to 6 months on one coin-cell CR2032 battery.

Easy battery replacement without assistance.

An optional solar battery.

A new patented concept of TNA

The TIMATE system is self-operating, transparent, fair and safe

No cameras
No biometrics
No microphones

Three pillars of management support provided by TIMATE

TIMATE automates the work of managers and the management board. It helps to understand why process optimalization is crucial in enterprise management. It provides hints on how to organise or change the motivational system in your company to improve processes.

Work measurement

Measure working time and its use in business processes, monitor task completion and achieved results.

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Assess the measured data on an ongoing basis and display the assessment results on employees’ cards.

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Recognition and motivation

Using the assessments, construct an employee motivation system that will effectively improve business processes.

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Responding to the needs of enterprises

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