system components

The components of the TIMATE system include the CT-ET-POE main unit,
the cards: C1, C2, C3 and software.

TIMATE System:

The card screen displays the name and the photo of the card holder as well as time and attendance data such as: arrival time, scheduled departure time, time left to departure, the number of vacation days, overtime and the task list. The screen works perfectly well in various light conditions: in full sunlight, in the standard office lighting or in twilight.
Thanks to the multi-layered reinforced case, the card is resistant to external factors, shock and falls.
This device is economical in maintenance and eco-friendly, it can be recharged in several different ways:

• putting it on the window sill once a week
• leaving it under the night-light for several hours
• connecting it once a week for 3 hours to a 5V phone charger via the micro USB port on the top of the card

The card has a passive, remotely programmable NFC tag which is responsible for the access to the online panel and the scenarios related to access control.

The card is equipped with a black and white e-paper display, legible at every angle, with the resolution of 128 x 96. It can contain the employee photo and data regarding the use of the working time, business trips and tasks. It is powered with the CR2032 3V battery with approximately 1 year of lifetime. Users can replace the battery by themselves. The card will signal the need of soon replacement to the system administrators by sending the information about the battery voltage to the TIMATE software cloud. The card is equipped with the sensor of motion, fall, shock and temperature. The card has a passive, remotely programmable NFC tag which is responsible for the access to the online panel and the scenarios related to access control.

The key task of this device is to monitor presence and check the working parameters. C1 attached to the helmet or the working uniform is synchronized with the employee’s card. It allows to check if the card holder is using personal protective equipment and following the OHS rules. Additionally, there is a function of accident detection.

Enterprises operating several locations (buildings, production floors etc.) can set up radio subnetworks at each location. Smart cards will be supported everywhere.
The water-resistant case of the main unit (IP 67) enables its installation in industrial environments: halls, warehouses, outside walls or masts.
The IoT GATEWAY can be powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet), which facilitates its installation.
To communicate with the cloud, the device needs the Internet connection via Ethernet or GSM. The lack of Internet access will make the main unit buffer the working time data which will be sent to the cloud once the Internet connection is recovered.

It is preferable to locate the IoT GATEWAY within the area that needs to be examined in terms of the effective use of the working time. This area is designated by the circle with the radius of the device’s radio range (up to 50 metres in the open space and around 30 metres in buildings). In practice, the range can be limited by walls, but sadditional main units or controllers functioning as routers can help extend the range of the MESH radio networks so as to cover the entire facility. This device is equipped with the web panel which enables configuration of its basic administration settings related to the IP address and password or data encryption during online and radio transmissions (based on AES 128).



TIMATE software was created based on the latest technology, which allows you to improve and automate processes in the company. The system offers a number of different options, allows you to recording time and attendance and analyse its use based on predefined parameters. Additional features allows employees send quick answer to the question of what they are doing, in which zone they are in and whether they are safe.

The versatility of the TIMATE, improves the comfort, efficiency of work, level of safety and ensures time saving and costs reductions.

The TIMATE software is installed on server with Windows Server and uses SQL Server data base. The Client application works remotely with the system and is available as a desktop program in Windows or a mobile responsive website that can also be viewed on smartphones.


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