TIMATE receives the special award of the President of KSSE SA

On 20 November, during the “Silesian Innovator 2020” gala, awards were presented to the most innovative entities in the region of Silesia. TIMATE received the special award of the President of KSSE SA (Katowice Special Economic Zone).

How to make savings in a time of crisis? TIMATE’s guide for businesses

The World Trade Organization predicts that the global commerce will diminish by 13–32% in the nearest future. The reason, of course, is the pandemic which put many companies and factories on hold and reduced the demand for products and services. As a result, businesses seek savings that would help them survive the hard times. TIMATE’s analyses show that the change in monitoring the employees’ working time can reduce the costs to a considerable extent.

Unsure about the future, companies often make chaotic decisions. It is perfectly understandable that they suspend recruitment, but they also stop seeking new orders, since they believe they do not have sufficient resources to carry out new processes. They fall into a trap: they have no money to build teams and the shortage of employees reduces their income.

TIMATE allows to reduce the working time waste by 80%. This means savings up to several hundred thousand PLN per year

Enterprises which have implemented the TIMATE system use the new working time monitoring tool to completely eliminate the problem of leaving work for private purposes or unauthorized overtime. They also shortened the cigarette breaks by 78%. In general, they have managed to limit the working time waste by 80%. As a result, they save up to several hundred thousand PLN per year.

The digital revolution will come to schools. TIMATE and Euvic IT are launching a system that will improve the safety of students and teachers

Automatic roll call, digital identifiers, a communication platform, electronic grade records and the student protection SOS button. These are the new functions of the TIMATE systems which has been adjusted to school needs. The solution designed by TIMATE and Euvic IT will help the education sector in the digital transformation and will support schools in the combat against coronavirus.

How can TIMATE support your business during the COVID-19 epidemic?


Occupational health and safety are absolutely crucial during the coronavirus epidemic. TIMATE is a system which can support these aspects of business operations. Here is how TIMATE enhances employee protection during and after the epidemic:



  • The card is contactless, so it prevents the spread of the virus.
  • The card extends the scope of contactless operation of the company infrastructure, e.g. by allowing to open/disable turnstiles on which the virus can stay active for 2 or 3 days.



  • The cards monitor distances between employees and make a beep when they come to close to one another. The preprogrammed distance is 2 metres. The beep can be turned off when employees need to meet for legitimate reasons. The information about breaking the distance rules is forwarded to the system. The operator can react quickly.
  • Messages can be sent to inform when an employee can enter/leave (for a break, to/from work, to/from a zone) in order to minimize the risk of too many people meeting at the entrance or the cloakroom. For instance, the card can display the following message: “Leave now through door A.”



  • The employee location system provides ongoing monitoring of the number of people in particular zones and sends an alert to the operator if there are too many people. Reports on the use of the zones make it possible to plan the location of employees in keeping with the safe distance rules.



  • Reports on the last 7/14 days on employees who could come into contact with a person infected or suspected of being infected with COVID-19. The report (based on the recorded working time, schedules and employee locations) is generated on request and allows to identify the persons which should be quarantined.



  • The reminder to wash hands when coming to work, during work and after finishing work.
  • Monitoring of the location of employees to check if they go to the area designated for washing hands.
  • Monitoring of the cleaning frequency with regard to toilets. Cloakrooms and other places which require top standards of hygiene.



  • It can be used to report any violations of the OHS rules, e.g. when there are too many employees at one place or masks are not being worn, or to report any situations of employees feeling ill.



  • Employment optimization on the basis of the indicators and analysis of the working time, tasks and movement.



  • It is possible to exercise strict supervision over employees who work remotely. Central station can be placed next to the employee’s computer and it will detect when the employee leaves the work place.
  • Task delegation for remote work and task performance assessment and accountability.



  • Optionally, the card can be equipped with a contactless infrared temperature sensor similar to the ordinary electronic thermometers. This extra sensor is located on the bottom section of the C2 card and the silicon case protects it from contamination.
  • In the situation of the present pandemic, the temperature check is performed by the employee himself/herself and upon the employee’s consent.
  • There is no need to wait in long queues and potential contact with other people can be avoided. Employees can check their body temperature at any time during the day.
  • The card can also display a reminder to check the temperature.
  • In extreme situations of epidemic threat, the temperature check results can be immediately sent to the system on the employer’s demand. This way it will be possible to immediately isolate people with increased temperature.
  • The integrated sensor can also be used outside work when it functions as an ordinary thermometer and no medical data are sent to the system.


We invite you to test TIMATE and check our proof-of-concept implementations. Such implementations allow to test TIMATE on a smaller scale.

To receive our offer, please contact as via e-mail at:

Effective remote work? There’s a tool which can make this happen!

The growing number of coronavirus infections makes more companies switch to remote work. Today, many people in Poland are working from home to minimize the spread of COVID-19. This is very important. But can the employer actually monitor the employees who perform their tasks outside the office? Definitely!  TIMATE offers a solution which enables remote work monitoring.

TIMATE nominated for the Polish Award of Intelligent Development 2020

TIMATE has been nominated for the prestigious award granted by the Centre of Intelligent Development. Each year the winners of the awards include investors, scientists, visionaries and organizations which contribute to the sustainable growth of the society and economy and which make the living standards better.

Digitalization cannot be stopped. A short report from the Digital Workplace conference.

Enterprises want to get digitalized. They are welcoming new, outside-the-box technologies such as TIMATE which facilitate communication, streamline key business processes, support data usage and enable a fuller control over employees that is how the Digital Workplace conference is summed up by our CEO, Sebastian Młodziński.

TIMATE takes part in Digital Workplace

How to improve employee commitment and generate positive experience with the use of digital tools – that is the leitmotif of this year’s Digital Workplace conference. This event gathers experts, practitioners and business people and it will be held on 30–31 January 2020 in Warsaw. Sebastian Młodziński, TIMATE’s CEO, is among the speakers.

Customers of I-Care Polska will enjoy the benefits of TIMATE. The companies have commenced strategic collaboration.

TIMATE, the manufacturer of the automatic time and attendance system, and I-Care Polska, a global expert in the predictive approach to machinery park maintenance, have started collaborating in order to provide the TIMATE system to production enterprises. The first tests of the solution on the premises of I-Care’s customer will begin soon.

TIMATE has started commercializing its ground-breaking IoT technology for businesses

When we launched pilot testing two years ago, we had no idea how businesses would react to our system for managing employees and their security. Today, after successfully completing the research, we are happy to start commercial implementations. We present an interview with Sebastian Młodziński, our new CEO, who tells about why he decided to invest in the company and what has been enhanced in our device.

The last two years have been really busy for TIMATE. Can you outline the company’s itinerary?

Sebastian Młodziński:

First of all, TIMATE carried out the pilot testing. In other words, we checked how our system would operate in practice. The testing was scheduled and performed thanks to the grant from the NCBR (the Polish National Centre for Research and Development). In May 2019, we opened a new chapter by setting up TIMATE Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company), we started building sales structures and right now we are beginning to commercialize our system.

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