TIMATE and the Internet of Behaviours – a new dimension of business support

The Internet of Behaviours (IoB) is not a widely known term, though it actually impacts the way enterprises are operating today. One of the examples of how IoB changes businesses for the better is TIMATE.

Safety of real properties during the pandemic. TIMATE makes it possible

Employees working from home, schools and restaurants closed. It would seem that such circumstances are not favourable to the development of the commercial property sector. However, surveys indicate that the number of office buildings and warehouses in Poland is growing. What changes is the way they are used. First of all, owners, tenants and managers have to follow the sanitary guidelines and ensure the safety of their employees and guests. TIMATE can help here.

Working in a hybrid model. Choose technologies which ensure safety and effective contact with employees

Recent months have brought huge and unexpected changes to the work organization in multiple companies and industrial enterprises. Many of them have implemented the hybrid model which allows to reduce the number of people working together in an office or a plant, thereby increasing the employee safety level. How does TIMATE support organizations which decide to use such solutions?

School during the pandemic. Chaos or an opportunity to digitalize education?

The beginning of the new school year in September will be different than ever before. Students and teachers will return to schools after an exceptionally long break. Also, the school environments will be completely new. Most probably, the rules of the sanitary regime will have to be followed in order to ensure the safety of students and the school personnel and protect them from COVID-19. It will be a challenge, that’s for sure, but there are ways to deal with it successfully. The good news is that technologies can help students and teachers to function effectively in the new realities.

How to overcome the crisis? Bet on the analysis of processes and employee safety

The global economy is facing a huge challenge. The general slowdown, the restricted flow of people and materials, and the frequent shut-down of manufacturing plants result in poor bottom lines and, in consequence, a crisis. But do the present circumstances get us into nothing but trouble? Not at all.