Remote work monitoring? Not such a good idea. What should employers do?

According to Gartner, the number of large enterprises that use employee monitoring tools has doubled since the onset of the pandemic and it will continue to rise. Employers have many remote work monitoring tools at their disposal. However, studies indicate that the intensified control over remote employees may bring businesses more harm than good.

How IoT systems can improve a company’s finances?

Digitalisation, innovations, work-supporting tools. Theoretically, we all agree that it is good or even necessary to have them implemented. But in practice we treat them as costs. Often as superfluous costs or costs that can be avoided at a given time. In consequence, many investments are put aside for later. Meanwhile, they could support daily operations and help in optimising the budget. Because good and well-used systems generate savings and improve financial results in the long run.

A shorter working week – what should be considered while implementing it?

More and more companies are implementing or testing the 4-day working week. However, what seems to be an employee’s dream come true may reduce the overall business performance. Can one shorten the working time without harming business?

An abacus among computers. Why is the implementation of a standard TNA system a bad decision?

Such systems used to replace attendance lists signed by employees on each working day. Identifiers and readers were revolutionary, because they automated the process of recording the working time. Today, however, they are fast becoming things of the past. Standard TNA systems are not advanced enough to meet the requirements of contemporary enterprises.

How to implement an IoT/IoB system effectively? The power of consulting

The implementation of a system that aims at improving business operations should be a positive experience for the company and its employees. A new tool, new possibilities, better organisation, enhanced performance… But every change encounters resistance. That is why this process must be properly managed. For instance, with the help of a consulting company.