Our invention has been widely talked about in recent weeks. We have now launched official communication with the media and we are meeting potential partners and investors. We have also started showing TIMATE around and we took part in some major events.

Why do this? By presenting our invention at different events and venues, we want to show and discuss the benefits of our system to employees and employers as well as to point out the faults of the existing solutions, e.g. vulnerability of RFID to abuse, legal controversies around biometrics, ineffectiveness of camera-based monitoring.

Our approach goes along the lines of the Lean Startup management strategy. The key principle is: Get out of the building! We follow it and we often leave our own backyard to show our invention to wide audiences. We talk, we ask and we listen to people who will be using our solution next year. We want to see if the market actually needs TIMATE. Does it solve the problems that enterprises are facing today? Will employees and employers like it? Will it make work easier?

As we have been expecting, the discussion is now in full swing. We are attentively listening to opinions and comments, both positive and negative. In particular, the negative ones. They reflect best the real concerns and problems faced by potential TIMATE users. We want to solve those problems, so below we respond to the most common objections:

Is it not a better idea to use a smartphone instead of the card?
Can the TIMATE card have built-in features, such as those found in a mobile phone?
What if I am 15 minutes late for work? Will the card record it?
Is TIMATE a tool for full control over the corporation’s employee?
Does TIMATE limit creativity?
Does TIMATE turn people into slaves? It is like a ball and chain?
Does TIMATE want to put people under total surveillance?
What if I go to the toilet at work?
Does the use of the TIMATE smart card require connecting chips to the brain?
Does the card have any impact on employee performance?
Can the card transmit signals to the human brain and generate a specific way of thinking?
What radio technology is used by the TIMATE cards? Does it interfere with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?
What is the status of TIMATE with respect to the labour law and in the view of the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO)? Is it legal to use the TIMATE cards?
Does the card have a built-in biochip?
Is the security of the card data and of TIMATE ensured?
What if I forget my TIMATE card?
What if I lose my TIMATE card?
Should I leave the card at work or take it home with me?
Does the card enable tracking the employee’s location?
Does the card show the unused leave and overtime?
Can TIMATE operate without the cloud?
Can you cheat TIMATE? For instance, by placing your card on a mobile object. Will the system detect this deception and stop recording?
Does the card show and measure abuses on the part of the employer?
Can the electromagnetic radiation from the card transmitter be dangerous to the employee’s health?
Would it be cheaper to put microchips inside people’s heads?
Can the card check if the employee has healthy eating habits?
What happens if two cards start moving rhythmically together?
Does the card monitor errors at work?
Does the card monitor the employee’s actions outside the company premises, e.g. on a street?
Are data collected by the card communicated to the authorities?
If I put the card away on a table, can I work overtime?
Can the cards be used only in offices?
Can the card have new sensors added, e.g. microphones?
Does the card spy or eavesdrop on the employee?
Do the cards create an Orwellian working environment?
If I work near another person, will my working time be recorded accurately?
Does the system check physiological reactions at work?
Does the system support mobbing?
Does the system exercise a full control over the employee?

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