Until the end of the year TIMATE
is available under the monthly subscription of PLN

99 (net of tax)

per employee
The price includes employee cards, the sufficient number of IoT GATEWAY units/routers, technical assistance and implementation of the software which can comprise the following modules:


Employee record-keeping module

Equipment record-keeping module

Employee time and attendance module

Working time analysis module

Working time usage analysis module

Business assistant module

Business card/ID card module

Temperature and light module

Employee location module

Equipment location module

TIMATE communication module

TIMATE task module

TIMATE schedule module

TIMATE event flow module

Remote work module

Field work supervision module

TIMATE online panel module

OHS support module

Sensor raw data module

TIMATE infrastructure module

System administration module

Multiple locations module

Multilingual module

Weather data module

Report and analysis module

Importer and exporter module

TIMATE application and menu structure module



PLN net of tax

per employee

TThe subscription does not include the server and installation of the IoT GATEWAY and routers in the facilities.
The system is implemented and serviced by TIMATE.
TIMATE works as a private cloud installed on the company server.
TIMATE requires MS Windows Server and uses MS SQL Server as its database. Detailed terms and conditions regarding the operation of TIMATE are specified in the subscription agreement.

See how TIMATE works

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