” Traditional time and attendance (TNA) methods require continuous physical support (clock in/out, keeping paper or electronic documentation of your working time, etc.).
Instead, implemented Timate system allows automatic reading of working time when the employee is in the office or in the warehouse.
In addition, an extensive panel and notification system allow efficient coordination and optimization of human resources in the company.
Thanks to the installed sensors, the smart card has the ability to immediately alert the appropriate people in the event of falls or employee accidents.
This function directly affects the safety of employees of ROHLIG SUUS Logistics, thus guaranteeing them greater comfort and care during their daily duties.

Current research shows that all the functions already introduced have significantly increased the comfort and safety of work and contributed to the increase in efficiency.”

Ilya Klyha,



” Every day we use Big Data in our work, which is why the TIMATE operation idea is so close to us. Anyway, in the solution itself,
our attention was drawn to detailed data analysis, supporting planning and optimal use of human resources.
In addition, we were impressed by the module that allows for completely maintenance-free recording of time and attendance.”

Łukasz Szumilas,
CEO I-Care Polska



” TIMATE has been working for us long enough that we are able to realistically assess its value for our business.
We employ a large number of employees. With the help of the system, we know exactly what is happening to each of them – since coming to work up till leaving.
Having such knowledge, or rather data, we can finally measure and optimize work.
In this way we save significant amounts per year. “

Piotr Mazur,
Właściciel firmy Mazur

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