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TIMATE is a company which manufactures the system designed to manage employees and their safety. Based on the broad technological know-how and many years of experience in implementing innovations, the company’s team has developed a unique solution which assists in personnel management, including the collection and analysis of data related to the use of the working time.

TIMATE is the first system which combines the automatic recording of time and attendance (TNA) with the optimal working time usage and safety monitoring. All these features are packed into the smart card which uses the Internet of Things technology.
TIMATE is the answer to the real need and the gap in the current market of TNA solutions. The key goal of the system is to automatically provide the employer with reliable data in the use of the working time and to assist in the supervision of daily tasks performed by employees. Our device does not collect any sensitive data. It uses the statistical analysis of motion measured by the built-in sensor.


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