Digitalization cannot be stopped. A short report from the Digital Workplace conference.

Enterprises want to get digitalized. They are welcoming new, outside-the-box technologies such as TIMATE which facilitate communication, streamline key business processes, support data usage and enable a fuller control over employees that is how the Digital Workplace conference is summed up by our CEO, Sebastian Młodziński.

TIMATE takes part in Digital Workplace

How to improve employee commitment and generate positive experience with the use of digital tools – that is the leitmotif of this year’s Digital Workplace conference. This event gathers experts, practitioners and business people and it will be held on 30–31 January 2020 in Warsaw. Sebastian Młodziński, TIMATE’s CEO, is among the speakers.

Customers of I-Care Polska will enjoy the benefits of TIMATE. The companies have commenced strategic collaboration.

TIMATE, the manufacturer of the automatic time and attendance system, and I-Care Polska, a global expert in the predictive approach to machinery park maintenance, have started collaborating in order to provide the TIMATE system to production enterprises. The first tests of the solution on the premises of I-Care’s customer will begin soon.

TIMATE has started commercializing its ground-breaking IoT technology for businesses

When we launched pilot testing two years ago, we had no idea how businesses would react to our system for managing employees and their security. Today, after successfully completing the research, we are happy to start commercial implementations. We present an interview with Sebastian Młodziński, our new CEO, who tells about why he decided to invest in the company and what has been enhanced in our device.

The last two years have been really busy for TIMATE. Can you outline the company’s itinerary?

Sebastian Młodziński:

First of all, TIMATE carried out the pilot testing. In other words, we checked how our system would operate in practice. The testing was scheduled and performed thanks to the grant from the NCBR (the Polish National Centre for Research and Development). In May 2019, we opened a new chapter by setting up TIMATE Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company), we started building sales structures and right now we are beginning to commercialize our system.

See how TIMATE works

Watch the animation to see how the system works

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